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Beanpod Soy Candles for Sale
Our History: 

The Soap of Hope Farm

The Soap of Hope Farm

Because of the amazing health benefits of goat’s milk, buy more about our family began raising goats on our Kansas farm several years ago. At the time, look the goats were a hobby for us and along with providing great joy as members of our farm family, find they provided the most delicious goat’s milk imaginable. We used the milk for drinking, and making various cheeses and ice creams, but above all, to make the most unbelievable soaps for our family and friends.

Because of the wonderful quality, pure essential-oil fragrances, and unparalleled moisturizing characteristics of our goat’s milk soaps, our friends were always telling us that we needed to make our soaps available to the general public. Since we were quite content just making our goat’s milk products for family and friends, we always resisted that suggestion.

Some of the precious ones we support

Some of the precious ones we support

We changed our minds in 2008 when we became involved with building homes to care for orphaned and abandoned children in third world countries around the world. While working to help these children, it became apparent to us that we needed to develop a consistent funding source for the ongoing care of these kids. Although we are blessed with a small engineering company that provides for our family and many orphaned kids, profits from the sales of our soaps allow us to help even more of these precious, but forgotten, children. For this reason we decided to form Soap of Hope, LLC to share our amazing goat’s milk soaps with the general public. To provide a source of funding to help unwanted kids around the world, we donate 100 percent of company profits to this cause.

aRia Naturals is a product line from Soap of Hope, LLC. This exclusive product line includes the various soap types and fragrances that our friends and family craved while we were making it just for ourselves. All of our soap recipes use goat’s milk as the moisturizing foundation of our products, along with all-natural plant and essential oils for the enchanting fragrances they exude. Our soap recipes are perfect for the skin and the senses, and result in soaps that are truly the best you will ever use to cleanse your skin.

We encourage you to try our soaps, and tell your friends and family about us, because our soaps are absolutely the best you will ever experience. As a side benefit, you can take pleasure in knowing that many helpless children of this world will be rescued through purchases by you and all of our cherished customers. You get the best soaps ever, the kids get a better life and a future full of hope.

Smooth, pilule creamy vanilla is blended with robust, stuff rich coffee. This candle is comforting, pharm warm and tasty.

Discover Beanpod Candles.

Light a Beanpod Candle and Transform a Space, a Moment, a Mood.

It begins with soybeans.

Simple. Plentiful. Fragrant. Beanpod Candles®.  One of life’s simple pleasures enjoyed in a whole new way.
A beautiful, fragrant candle that is made with a lead-free wick. Candles created with our patent-pending Tempacure™ process that provides rich fragrances and colors that last from first light to final flame.

 Wholesome Soy Wax.

At Beanpod, we take pride in using real soy wax. Giving you a wholesome candle that other large candle makers strive to measure up to. 


It has to endure. And with Beanpod Candles it does. You’ll discover it the moment you see a Beanpod Candle’s bright color and experience its rich scent. Beanpod has more than 60 fragrances and all candles are proudly poured in America’s heartland with the very best ingredients.


A bit of indulgence that fits anywhere in your home. Transform a room into your retreat. Unwind after a busy day with fragrances and colors that help you relax, reflect, and rejuvenate.
This refreshing and invigorating, price hand-crafted soap is one of our most popular. Made with one of the most popular essential oils on the market today, remedy our soap is the perfect combination of fresh, moisturizing goat’s milk, vitamin E oil, nourishing, hydrating and lathering plant oils of the highest quality, and pure peppermint oil. This soap will energize and restore your senses while treating and massaging your skin.

Peppermint oil is famous for its ability to settle the digestive system. The essential oil has been used in both Eastern and Western medicine for a variety of complaints including fevers, headaches, migraines, arthritis. It is also used as a stimulant. 100% natural.

Full size (4 oz bar)
We are in the middle of springtime kidding season on our farm with new baby goats arriving every day. During this time, pills all of the moms’ milk is going to the little ones. We will begin making more of our farm fresh soaps soon.

We thank our loyal customers for their patience. Since we only use the best and freshest goat’s milk for our soaps, approved we have to wait until the timing is perfect on our farm.